International student and staff mobility programme, Erasmus,  was introduced to Zagreb University of Applied Sciences in fall 2009. We have since had a growing number of student and staff mobility and so far over 30 students and 20 teachers have participated in the programme.  Apart from a growing number of student and staff outgoing mobility in the academic year 2011/2012 the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences has also introduced the incoming mobility programme for visiting students and staff members.

About Zagreb University of Applied Sciences

Zagreb University of Applied Sciences (Tehničko veleučilište u Zagrebu – TVZ) was founded in 1998 from two schools with over 40 year old tradition – Higher Technical School Rade Končar and College of civil engineering. Nowadays, TVZ  performs professional studies in five First cycle curricula –  Civil engineering, Computing, Electrical engineering, Informatics and  Mechatronics and in  three Second cycle  curricula – in  Civil  engineeringElectrical engineering  and Informatics.  Within each of these areas, students choose their areas of emphasis and accordingly specialize in the field they choose. Aiming to provide our students with the knowledge and skills needed for their future career prospects, our institution has established close relations with some of the leading Croatian enterprises in the field of engineering in form of joint projects. We believe such collaboration results in professionals that have acquired theoretical as well as practical knowledge to meet the demands and developments in the field of engineering.

Erasmus Povelja Erasmus Policy Statement

TVZ started working on its Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP) ten years ago. We established CISCO academy NetAkademija which educates students in networking technologies. Certificates gained by CISCO help IT people indispensably in their careers and make them more competitive on the market. The Academy has won several awards (Best  Academy in  EMEA region  for 2007 etc.).

At this moment TVZ employs 150 full-time professors and assistants and 125 part-time teachers from other HEIs or enterprises. Each year approximately 800 students begin their First cycle studies at our institution and approximately 300 students enrol Second cycle studies. About 4300 students are studying at TVZ now. Our studies have been standardised in accordance with the Bologna process since 2004 with the aim to ensure better quality in higher education and prepare ourselves for collaboration with international partners. We award students success on exams with grades and ECTS credits and each cycle is ended with graduation diploma and diploma supplement.

Erasmus is the biggest mobility programme we are participating in but we would also like to participate in Multilateral projects  and together with out partners we want  to seek new and more efficient teaching methods while developing and adjusting our curricula together. We would like to take place in multilateral networks, especially curriculum development projects and virtual campus projects.

What we offer and want to accomplish through Erasmus partnerships is – signing bilateral agreements with other professional or university HEIs for students, teachers and staff mobility; we are also looking for partners who can offer student placements (as professional studies we find practice in enterprises an important part of our curricula).  In return, we can offer our already established connections with Croatian enterprises; we are open to establish partnerships with other professional studies HEIs with similar curricula. We think students on both sides can gain similar knowledge  and skills while enriching themselves through different experiences. Thus, we will enhance their awareness of cultural differences that brings about diversity and enrich and broaden our horizons. koristi kolačiće(cookies) kako bi poboljšao funkcionalnost stranice. Više o kolačićima pročitajte ovdje.