Specialist graduate professional study in IT Technologies

Specialist graduate professional study programmes

Learning outcomes for Specialist Graduate Professional Study Programme in IT

Name of qualification and title conferred: Master of Information technologies (struč. spec. ing. techn. inf.)

Official length of programme: 4 semesters

Access requirement(s): Undergraduate professional study programme completed (180 ECTS)

ECTS credits: 120

Teaching programme for Specialist graduate professional study in Informational Technologiesspecinf1213eng_npp (1386)

According to the concept of the undergraduate Professional study programme in Information technologies, the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences  offers the possibility of enrolment in the Specialized professional graduate study programme in Information technologies, with the following specializations:

  • Office IT support
  • E-business
  • IT design

The instruction in the Specialized professional graduate study programme in Information technologies is delivered  in strictly defined specialist modules related to specific competences gained in the study programme. The following modules are offered:

  • Computer networks design and implementation
  • IT support design and implementation in production, processes and systems
  • IT systems design and development in a company and IT support in office administration organization
  • Visual communications design and IT support in publishing
  • E-business and marketing
  • Business applications design using open-source tools

Upon  completion of the Specialized professional graduate study programme in Information technologies, the qualification holder may perform the following jobs:

  • management, maintenance and organization of work in companies and individual business in modern IT environment
  • business communication and presentation of a company using both traditional methods and multimedia presentations on the Web
  • design and control of modern IT systems (workstations, computer systems and networks, databases and e-media used for processing, searching, storing and transferring information)
  • programming in graphics programming languages
  • communication with IT specialists in the process of design, implementation and maintenance of the hardware and software equipment
  • computer networks (LAN and WAN) design and maintenance in administration information systems based on UNIX, Windows NT and NetWare platforms
  • monitoring the resources in database or computer information systems and suggesting enhancements and modifications
  • managing help-desk operations in providing help for users
  • providing advice related to  IT systems security and analyzing possible „security holes“ in IT systems, suggesting security updates
  • developing applications by using modern tools, adjusting, testing and introducing finished applications
  • operating computer systems
  • carrying out the sales of computers and computer equipment to be used for the office IT support
  • management of a company presentation on the Internet
  • analysing the contents of Web pages and the statistics of both Web page visits and e-commerce results
  •  setting up and leading virtual teams on the Web, carrying out projects, dismissing the teams and starting new projects
  • checking the IT systems security by carrying out emulated Internet attacks and searching week points in the IT company systems and coming up with a solution to the problems
  • organization and management of e-business by e-mail
  • monitoring and evaluating the e-business services quality
  • business mediation – connecting customers and contractors, reaching agreements, offering information on potential customers or suppliers
  •  integrating documents, databases and staff of a company into a system
  •  management, maintenance and organization of work in traditional publishing
  • integrating language, image and sound
  • design and control of modern IT systems in publishing, multimedia and graphics design
  • design of graphic and multimedia products depending on technological procedures applied in production.
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