Undergraduate professional study in Civil Engineering

Undergraduate professional study programmes

Learning outcomes for Undergraduate Professional Study Programme in Civil Engineering

Degree obtained: Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) of Engenireeng in Civil Engineering (bacc. ing. aedif.)

Duration: three (III) academic years – six (VI) semesters

ECTS credits : 180

Teaching programme for Undergraduate professional study in Civil Engineeringgra1213eng_npp

The main objective of the Study programme is to train the civil engineering experts to meet all the demands of the present-day construction industry. The programme provides expert knowledge related to civil engineering projects, technology of their realization and organization of construction work. Special attention is paid to practical training consisting of design exercises, individual performance of a programme (usually a project assignment), field work and practical training related to the final exam. The programme is conceived in such a way as to ensure completion of the study within a reasonable time frame, which enables our students to get promptly employed in a variety of work processes typical for and related to civil engineering. Once they have acquired highly-specialized skills and knowledge of construction work, as well as the knowledge and skills related to construction technologies, site organization, quality control and quality assurance, control of expenditures, construction regulations, environmental protection, etc., our graduates are fully capable of meeting all challenges encountered in the realization of construction projects.

In the 1st, 2nd and 3rd semester the programme offers the common courses for all students and the 4 areas of specializations: Building Construction and Civil Engineering, Water and Traffic Infrastructure, Civil Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship and Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The need for the specialization in Civil Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship is increasingly felt in the construction industry which is rapidly developing. The specialization in Civil and Environmental Engineering is the programme which has been defi ned in response to an increasing environmental awareness and concern for the protection of our natural environment. We believe that the radical change of opinion as to the conflict between the economic development and the preservation of natural environment has to fi nd its refl ection in higher education, as the environmental and social components of the courses carried out in the programme. Students who decide to attend this group of courses will acquire the knowledge necessary for proper fulfi lment of their professional duties and for communication with other experts in the area of protection and preservation of natural environment. Since the study programme is mainly oriented toward construction work, the main emphasis is naturally put on preserving quality of water and near-water habitats and communities. A growing signifi cance is nowadays given to water quality preservation and realization of environmental protection systems, which is, of course, backed up by an appropriate increase in funding allocated to such projects. We therefore believe that this study programme is adequate for training experts in high demand today and in the years to come.

The Civil Engineering Department has been cooperating for many years with some of Croatia’s leading construction companies. The cooperation with companies such as the Institute of Civil Engineering, Croatian Waters and Elektroprojekt, is primarily based on the use of services provided by top professionals from these companies. It should also be noted that lecturers employed by the Civil Engineering Department of the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences also provide consulting, design and design review services to various construction industry operators. This two-way communication and cooperation has enabled both the lecturers and their students to establish good and continuous relationship with the construction industry, and to get the insight into practical problems and hence to obtain the first-hand experience about various construction issues. The cooperation of our lecturers with professional companies, and careful organization of study programmes, have made it possible for our students to find work immediately after completion of their studies.

Upon completion of the study programme offering the specialization in Building Construction and Civil Engineering, Water and traffic infrastructure etc. Our students easily fi nd employment in public companies such as Croatian Railways, Croatian Roads, Croatian Waters, in major construction companies such as GPTehnika, GP Industrogradnja, GP Viadukt and GP Hidroelektra, in many medium and small sized companies, and in utility companies and administrative sector. The Zagreb University of Applied Sciences has already seen the second generation of students graduate from the specialist graduate professional study programme. The study programme is an excellent opportunity for the undergraduate study programme students to pursue their studies. Our collaboration with a number of higher education institutions has

enabled our students to take part in the mobility project. So far 579 engineers have graduated at the Civil engineering Department of the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences.

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