Undergraduate professional study in Mechatronics

Undergraduate professional study programmes

Learning outcomes for Undergraduate Professional Study Programme in Mechatronics

Professional title: professional undergraduate (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) engineer of Mechatronics

Duration: three (3) academic years – six (6) semesters

ECTS: 180

Teaching programme for Undergraduate professional study in Mechatronicmeh1213eng_npp (2049)

In December 2009 the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences obtained admittance for a new Professional Study of Mechatronics. The aim of this professional study is to provide education to engineers of Mechatronics for carrying out jobs and tasks of designing, constructing, testing, managing and maintaining mechatronic devices and assemblies on their own. For now, the professional study of Mechatronics will be integral, with no branches of study, but in relation to interested economic entities and potential candidates, probably in future this will be changed. Thus, some branches of study such as mechatronics in industry, metrology and mechatronics in means of transport, medicine etc. is planned to be introduced in due course.

Undergraduated engineers of Mechatronics can be employed in many economic entities (metal-working and electromechanical engineering industry, pharmaceutical and food industry, production of domestic appliances and all other mechatronic devices such as typing, copying and medical devices etc.). In all these economic entities professional undergraduate engineers can work on designing or redesigning present solutions, on managing production processes and finally on maintaining all the mechatronic devices. It should be mentioned that for these engineers the work places may be found also in different laboratories, schools, hospitals and bureaus, since without mechatronics modern business or private environment can no longer be envisaged. Furthermore, they will also gain appropriate knowledge for organizing and managing smaller production, service and mounting firms as well as for marketing and sales.

To competition for admission to professional study of Mechatronics on Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, the students with finished secondary school (gymnasium or other) may apply. The applicants will be enrolled on the basis of the results on state senior-level examination, the key knowledge being those in mathematics, physics and informatics.

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