Study programme of Civil Engineering has been delivered at the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences (TVZ) for over 50 years always keeping up with developments and new trends in civil engineering. In 2006, beside the existing three-year undergraduate study, we set up the graduate study which enrolled many well-experienced civil engineers in the field of managing construction sites, construction planning and managing construction companies and similar, contributing to the Study with their maturity.


With its academic programme, the Study meets ever growing requirements in the field such as upgrading energy efficiency, energy saving, improving security of flood prevention system, landslide prevention, etc. The Study is intended for those who want to develop their creativity, to work on original projects and on their continuous professional development.


Along with invaluable tradition and continuous modernisation and introduction of new teaching content as well as new orientations, this Study closely follows the development of the profession and prepares the students for work immediately after completing their studies – but also for work in future. The quality of the study programme is proved by many of our graduates at their daily work.


Undergraduate Professional Study in Civil Engineering is a three-year study programme that offers a Bachelor’s (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) degree in Civil Engineering. Apart from the teaching staff of the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences (TVZ), in the preparations of the study programme and delivering the classes were included top experts from the companies such as Institut IGH, Hrvatske vode or Elektroprojekt, while a considerable number of classes are organised as fieldwork and professional practice in cooperation with many other companies.


During the first three academic years, students become familiar with all branches of construction industry, construction technologies, construction site organisation, quality control and quality assurance, construction cost control procedure, construction regulations, environmental protection while in the final academic year they can choose between the four courses as follows:


  • Civil Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship if they would like to be construction site managers or to run their own construction company,
  • Civil and Construction Engineering if they are interested in traffic infrastructure and hydraulic structures and facilities,
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering if they are interested in new technologies of environmental protection within the area of civil engineering,
  • Civil Engineering & Building Construction if they are primarily interested in buildings.


Upon completing the Study, our Bachelor’s degree holders are entirely qualified to carry out construction projects as they acquire required and highly professional skills and competences. Particular quality of the Study is in its full orientation to gaining the best professional practice.


The classes for part-time professional study are organised to allow employed students to attend classes in the afternoon during the weekdays and only exceptionally on Saturdays.


Undergraduate Professional Study in Civil Engineering takes three academic years divided in six (VI) semesters. Upon finishing the Study a student obtains 180 ECTS credit points and a degree of Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) of Engineering in Civil Engineering (bacc. ing. aedif.).


Both full-time and part-time studies have entirely the same curriculum. The only difference is in the time-table since part-time study is suited to the students who are employed.




Enrolment quota is 120 students including the following evaluation criteria*:


Secondary school grades 40%
Compulsory part of the State Matura
   – Croatian language B level 0%
   – Mathematics A level 50%
   – Foreign language B level 0%
Optional part of the State Matura
    – Informatics or Physics

*Direct enrolment is assured by excellent results achieved in competitions.


*Informatics and Physics are not mandatory. In the event where the student has completed one or both exams, the best score will be valued at 10.0%





Enrolment quota for part-time students is 60. The classes are held in the afternoon and only exceptionally on Saturdays. Admission process includes the evaluation of the success obtained in the secondary school/the State Matura and relevant work experience.


Tuition fee per ECTS credit point for part-time students:

Legal entity 200 kunas/point
Self-funded students (natural persons) 200 kunas/point
Self-funded students (natural persons) who meet the conditions for privileged status related to the Croatian War of Independence 150 kunas/point
Students who are neither citizens of Croatia nor any other EU member state 250 kunas/point



The student administration office is located at Avenija Većeslava Holjevca 15



Phone: + 385 (0)1 / 5595 465