Graduate Study of Electrical Engineering is organised as a logical continuation of studying upon finishing the Undergraduate Study in Electrical Engineering at the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences. Besides, the Graduate Study offers the opportunity of enrolment to all interested undergraduate students who obtained 180 ECTS credit points at some other higher education institutions.


Enrolment quota is 85 part-time students and 15 full-time students; the courses are organised through defined specialist modules tailored according to the specialist knowledge that student should obtain after finishing the Study.


The courses are as follows:


  • Automation
  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Telecommunications and computers

Graduate Study in Electrical Engineering takes two (II) academic years divided in four (IV) semesters. Upon completion of the Study programme, a student obtains 120 ECTS credit points and a degree of Master of Electrical Engineering.


Precondition: Completed Undergraduate Study (180 ECTS)


The candidates who are unemployed and can choose the full-time mode of study (2 academic years) have the right to full-time studying in accord with the obtained score on the ranking list, while the candidates who enrol in the part-time mode of study have the option to choose between full-time or part-time study mode (4 academic years).


Admission process is based on the success achieved at Undergraduate Study, admission test score in the knowledge of electrical engineering as well as working experience and professional knowledge.


Tuition fee per ECTS credit point for part-time students:

Legal entity 400 kunas/point
Self-funded students (natural persons) 300 kunas/point
Students who are neither citizens of Croatia nor any other EU member state 400 kunas/point



Konavoska 2, 10,000 Zagreb


Phone: + 385 (0)1 5595 318