Bachelor’s degree holders who obtained 180 ECTS credit points are offered the possibility to continue professional study with mentor guidance at the Specialist Graduate Studies of Information Technology or Computing.


Curriculum is entirely suited to part-time students who are employed and aimed at acquiring specialist competencies for a wide spectrum of the most in-demand jobs. Modules in the area of digital entrepreneurship and marketing prepare students for self-employment and entrepreneurship in the domain of today’s increasingly digital economy. Defined specialist modules of the courses and their quotas are as follows:


  • Design and multimedia 30
  • E-business 40
  • E-government 15
  • E-health 15
  • Computer Systems, Computer Networks and Systems 35
  • Software Engineering 35


Total 170


Modules Courses Quota Full-time students
Design and Multimedia 30 15
IT Systems e-business 40
e-government  15
e-health  15
Computer Systems
Computer Networks and Systems 35 15
Computer Engineering 35
Total 170



Specialist Graduate Professional Study takes four (IV) semesters. After obtaining 120 ECTS credit points and finishing the study, a student receives a degree of Master of Information Technology.


Admission requirement: completed undergraduate study (180 ECTS).


Enrolment quota is 140 part-time and 30 full-time students; the classes are conducted in accord with defined particular specialist modules tailored to meet the requirements of specialist knowledge that students should acquire upon finishing the study.


The unemployed students have the right to study full-time (2 academic years), while part-time students can choose between full-time and part-time study mode (4 academic years).


Admission process is based on the academic records obtained at undergraduate studies, the admission exam score gained at testing the knowledge of IT and Computing, and the grades in selected subjects required for specialist study.


Tuition fees per ECTS credit point for part-time students:


Legal entity 400 kunas/point
Self-funded students (natural persons) 300 kunas/point
Students who are neither citizens of Croatia nor any other EU member state 400 kunas/point





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Blaženka Lozančić (

phone: + 385 (0)1 5603 946


Student Administration Office Head: Danijela Ležaić, social worker, MSc. (

phone: + 385 (0)1 5603 945


Students who find the working hours to contact us inconvenient or cannot reach us over the phone (+ 385 (0)1 5603 946) can send us e-mail.