Information Technology study prepares prospective IT engineers to independently do the jobs related to organisation, application and development of advanced information technologies, as well as to devise and find designer and multimedia solutions. Due to ever growing interest in the IT study, the quota of full-time students is regularly reached by the end of summer term enrolment deadline, and some students, especially those interested in IT Design, opt for part-time mode of study (as self-funded students). They have the same study programme as full-time students but the courses are suited to the students who are employed.


The quality of the study programme is recognised by business and industry, resulting in employment of our students immediately after receiving Bachelor’s of Engineering degree, and often in their pursuit of education at graduate studies. Cooperation with information industry is very close throughout the studies, which helps students to choose and develop their professional profile so that IT engineers can easily find a job as development engineers, in a number of public and private companies, in industry, representative offices, project organisations or state institutions. More active students manage to get such jobs while still studying.

Courses and enrolment quotas

Studying is oriented to acquiring practical knowledge and skills; the classes are held in well-equipped computer labs and classrooms. The teaching staff includes both permanently employed teachers and prominent experts from other colleges or industry as part-time teachers for particular professional subjects.


Beside multimedia studio, audio-video and camera equipment is used in classes, and along with advanced designer tools and MacLab, there is a specialised infrared imaging equipment applied in graphics design.


Course Full-time Part-time
Electronic business 30  25
IT design 35  30
Office Organisation and Automation 35  30
Total 100 85


Learning outcomes and acquired knowledge

Undergraduate study of Information Technology takes three (III) academic years divided in six (VI) semesters.


On obtaining 180 ECTS credits and finishing studies, a student receives a degree of Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) of Engineering in Information Technology (IT).

Curriculum - academic year 2017/18

Both full-time and part-time studies have entirely the same curriculum. The only difference is in the time-table, since part-time study is suited to the students who are employed.


As it is a professional study, it has few general subjects – mathematics, physics, foreign language and physical education, and 29 specialised subjects. Professional practice is included in the final semester.


The ratio of general to professional subjects is equal in all three courses. Information on particular subjects, on the ECTS credit points assigned per subject and on the teachers who hold the classes, is available on the pages of operational curriculum.

Enrolment requirements


Enrolment quota is 100 students including the following evaluation criteria*:


Secondary school grades 40%
Compulsory part of the State Matura
   – Croatian Langualge B level 0%
   – Mathematics A level 40%
   – English language A level 10%
Optional part of the State Matura
    – Informatics or Physics 10%

*Direct enrolment is assured by excellent results achieved in competitions.




Enrolment quota for part-time students is 60. Curriculum is the same as for full-time students, but the classes are held in the afternoon and exceptionally on Saturdays.


Tuition fee per ECTS credit point for part-time students:

Legal entity 200 kunas/point
Self-funded students (natural persons) 200 kunas/point
Self-funded students (natural persons) who meet the conditions for privileged status related to the Croatian War of Independence 150 kunas/point
Students who are neither citizens of Croatia nor any other EU member state 250 kunas/point


Student administration office

Vrbik 8 (ground floor), 10000 Zagreb

tel: + 385 (0)1 5603 944