Study programme in Mechatronics Engineering educates the students for independent work in a wide range of jobs which require necessary knowledge of mechanical, electrical and information technologies.


Mechatronics engineering can be recognised as a modern use of automation technology for a wide spectrum of requirements in the fields of engineering and education. Undergraduate students who obtain Bachelor’s degree in this professional study will gain competences for independent work in designing, constructing, testing managing and maintaining mechatronic devices and facilities, which enable them to easily find these in-demand jobs today.


The aim of this professional study programme is to educate prospective mechatronic engineers to independently do the jobs of designing, developing, testing, managing and maintaining mechatronic devices and facilities.


Computer and specialised labs with modern equipment and software tools are available to the students, providing conditions for prospective mechatronics engineers to acquire competences which are in high demand on the labour market.


Namely, no modern work or private environment can do without mechatronic devices. Bachelor’s degree holders in Mechatronics Engineering can therefore find a job in metalworking and electromechanical engineering industries, pharmaceutical industry and food processing industry, manufacturing of white goods and all other mechatronic devices. They are able to do the jobs of designing and redesigning the existing solutions, managing the manufacturing processes and maintaining all mechatronic devices.


Undergraduate Professional Study in Mechatronics Engineering takes three (III) academic years divided in six (VI) semesters.

Upon finishing the studies and obtaining180 ECTS credit points, a student receives a degree of Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) of Engineering in Mechatronics Engineering.


Both full-time and part-time study programmes have entirely the same curriculum. The only difference is in the time-table, since part-time study is suited to the students who are employed.



Enrolment quota is 60 students including the following evaluation criteria*:

Secondary school grades40%
Compulsory part of the State Matura
   – Croatian language B level0%
   – Mathematics A level50%
   – English language B level0%
Optional part of the State Matura
    – Informatics or Physics10%

*Direct enrolment is assured by excellent results achieved in competitions.




Enrolment quota for part-time mechatronics engineering students is 60. The classes are held in the afternoon and only exceptionally on Saturdays. Admission process includes the evaluation of the success obtained in the secondary school/the State Matura and relevant work experience.


Tuition fee per ECTS credit point for part-time students:


Legal entity200 kunas/point
Self-funded students (natural persons)200 kunas/point
Self-funded students (natural persons) who meet the conditions for privileged status related to the Croatian War of Independence150 kunas/point
Students who are neither citizens of Croatia nor any other EU member state250 kunas/point

Student Administration Office of the Mechanical Engineering Department


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Students who find the working hours to contact us inconvenient or cannot reach us over the phone 01/5603947; 01/ 5603 946 can contact us by e-mail.