Dear students,
Zagreb University of Applied Sciences (TVZ) was founded in 1998 with the aim of educating future engineers. TVZ consists of four departments; Electrotechnical, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, where a total of 4,300 students study in the academic year. The study programs were formed as three-year undergraduate and two-year graduate. In order to create an atmosphere that integrates modern technical knowledge, research and innovation, undergraduate and graduate professional study programs have been developed according to the most modern concepts. Classical subjects are designed with a lot of practical work in exercises and seminars, which enables the connection of knowledge and skills and develops multidisciplinarity in students. Such educated engineers are enabled to adapt to the challenges of technological and social development. Particularly carefully developed is the part of education that emphasizes skills and necessary knowledge and the development of competencies for the engineering profession. At the same time, emphasis was placed on strong education of students with current knowledge and skills, which creates predispositions for research work and innovation. Studying at Zagreb University of Applied Sciences means studying according to the principles of the most modern curricula. With a large schedule of practical and laboratory classes, excellent communication is created between teachers and students, where students actively participate in the acquisition of knowledge.
Given its technical foundations and innovative titles focused on new technologies, TVZ is committed to the development of specialist vocational education closely related to research and professional practice. The goal of such an approach is to teach students the skills of professional work so that they can create new products that will contribute to the continuous improvement of the community.
Enrolling in TVZ means becoming part of a formation of future engineers as well as part of a community focused on researching new technologies and technological advances. Graduated engineers are in high demand in the labor market because they are able to combine professionalism, competence and participate in modern business processes and create innovative solutions or products. Students are encouraged to research and lifelong education that can be continued after graduation at Zagreb University of Applied Sciences.

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