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After obtaining a Bachelor of Information Technology degree, you will have been trained to organize, deploy and design advanced information technologies, as well as to conceive and implement design and multimedia solutions.
The quality of the curriculum has been recognized by the business sector – our qualified engineers quickly find employment in public and private organizations and want to continue their education through our Informatics Professional Master Program.

The first year is common for all three specialties – after completing it, students choose and become specialized in one of three specialties.    


The duration of the Undergraduate Professional Study in Informatics is three (3) academic years over six (6) semesters. On completion of this study program, the student will have earned 180 ECTS points and will be awarded the degree of a Bachelor of Information Technology.


The OFFICE ORGANIZATION AND INFORMATIZATION SPECIALTY (OOI) is designed for organizing and maintaining operations in an informatized office. This includes LAN and WAN design, deployment and maintenance in administrative information systems based on UNIX, Linux or Windows, database or information system administration, proposing extensions or modifications, security consulting, development of apps using modern tools, as well as customization, testing and implementation of finished apps.
The ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SPECIALTY (EB) is designed for developing and maintaining online business, including the management of company’s online presence, establishment and management of virtual teams, information system security checks, monitoring and measurement of e-business service quality and business intermediation.
The IT DESIGN (ID) trains students in graphic design, web design and multimedia design. A thorough approach to visual communications and designing of predefined contents for standard and digital print is used. Students work on projects including website design and development using modern tools. Our well-equipped laboratories provide experience in digital photography, video and computer editing. Students obtain knowledge in organization and modern ways of communication for the effective implementation of design and multimedia projects.
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The program is designed to train you to become an important member of any engineering and other professional team in the field of organization, e-business and IT design. This program can also help you become involved in early stages of project development where critical decisions are taken and where your contribution will be appreciated.


Nastavni plan i program potpuno su isti su za redoviti i izvanredni studij. Razlika je samo u terminima odvijanja, jer je izvanredni studij prilagođen studentima koji su zaposleni.
Obzirom da se radi o stručnom studiju, vrlo je malen broj općih predmeta – matematika, fizika, strani jezik i kineziološka kultura, dok ih je čak 29 stručnih. Plus stručna praksa u zadnjem semestru, naravno.
Omjer općih i stručnih predmeta podjednak je na sva tri smjera, a o kojim se konkretno predmetima radi, s kolikim ECTS opterećenjem i koji ih profesori izvode pogledajte na stranicama izvedbenog plana.

moj tvz npp – Tehničko velečilište u Zagrebu

Zagreb University of Applied Sciences enrolls full-time or part-time students in all its undergraduate professional studies exclusively through the National System for Enrollment in Higher Education Institutions. All information on enrollment conditions and quotas can be found at www.postani-student.hr.


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