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The Civil Engineering Study Program has been delivered at ZUAS for over 50 years, in line with developments and new direction in the building industry. In 2006 we added to the 3-year undergraduate program a master program that has been enrolled in by engineers with extensive experience in construction site management, designing, construction company management, etc., their professional maturity enriching the program. 
The program meets the increasing demands for energy efficiency, energy saving, safer anti-flood systems, anti-slide systems, etc. It is therefore designed for people who wish to develop their creative side, work on original projects and learn on an ongoing basis to supplement their skills.    
Having this precious tradition and by constantly updating the program and introducing new topics and even new specialties, this program is in line with the relevant industry developments and prepares students for employment immediately after they finish their studies, as well as later. The quality of this study program is demonstrated in the daily professional lives of many of our alumni.


The duration of the Professional Civil Engineering Bachelor Program is three (3) academic years over six (6) semesters. On completion of this study program, the student will have earned 180 ECTS points and will be awarded the degree of a Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea)  of Civil Engineering.


This undergraduate Civil Engineering Study Program is a 3-year program resulting in a Professional Bachelor of Civil Engineering diploma. In addition to ZUAS’s employees, external providers/employees of construction companies  are also involved in the preparation of the program and delivering of courses – much of the classes delivered in cooperation with them are field classes and practical exercises.
The first year of the program is designed for learning about the essentials of structural engineering, mathematics, building materials, components of buildings and geology. The second year introduces constructional, geotechnical and infrastructural engineering classes, as well as courses such as Construction Machinery and Field Classes where students complete their 1st practical course at a construction site. For the last year of the program, they choose between four specialties:
Building Entrepreneurship;
Infrastructural Engineering;
Environmental Protection in Civil Engineering; and
Building Engineering.

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The 2nd practical course is completed as part of the Bachelor Thesis and we believe our Bachelors are qualified to work in the industry after completing the program.
The professional undergraduate Civil Engineering program at the University of Applied Sciences is focused on the construction industry – by providing practical professional experience and through our employees and external expert associates’ specific skills. We are particularly proud of our state-of-the-art Materials Laboratory where we conduct our own research and measurements of physical and mechanical properties of building materials.
To allow our employed students to attend courses in afternoons on workdays (or Saturdays occasionally), in 2015/2016 we introduced a part-time.


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Zagreb University of Applied Sciences enrolls full-time or part-time students in all its undergraduate professional studies exclusively through the National System for Enrollment in Higher Education Institutions. All information on enrollment conditions and quotas can be found at www.postani-student.hr.


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