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The Graduate Professional Study in Electrical Engineering is delivered as a logical extension after completing an undergraduate Electrical Engineering Program at ZUAS. In addition, such Master Program is available to all other interested undergraduates/bachelors who have earned 180 ECTS points, including those earned at other higher education institutions.


80 part-time and 15 full-time students may be enrolled and the courses are based on predefined specific specialty modules, offering students different specializations on completion of this study program.       
These modules are:
Power Engineering
Telecommunications & Computing
Knowledge and skills in the following areas will be additional acquired in each specialty:
Evaluate and select equipment for setting up systems to manage, control and supervise technical processes of power conversion, fluid storage and transport of materials and persons and thermal processes.
Select control algorithms for analysis and synthesis purposes to obtain the desired process control indicators.
Set up a management and control system based on analyzing the actions of simpler processes.
Select management and supervision software using process controllers.
Analyze physical phenomena in electrical rotational systems, transformers, transmission lines and switching devices.
Optimize solutions for mechanical, voltage and current stress of power plant elements.
Design models of power plant elements to determine current and voltage states in normal operating conditions and in case of short circuit.
Select rotational machines, transformers, lines and devices in a power plant.
Manage the development of software solutions for telecommunication facilities, networks or systems.
Evaluate designs to achieve desired functionality of telecommunication facilities, networks or systems.
Specify technical requirements for interventions on a telecommunication facility, network or system to align its functionality with customer standards and requirements.
Design embedded systems and related software and hardware.
Design systems to monitor computer-operated processes.


The duration of the Graduate Professional Study in Electrical Engineering is two (2) academic years over four (4) semesters. On completion of this study program, the student will have earned 120 ECTS points and will be awarded the degree of a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (M.Eng.EE.).


After completing this study program, the student will be capable of:
selecting technical solutions for electrical and electronic elements, equipment, facilities and systems;
selecting elements and equipment according to customer’s technical requirements and the applicable technical standards;
manage the elaboration of designs and development of documents for designing and using equipment, facilities and systems;
organize the production and manage testing of equipment, implementation of facilities according to designs and onsite testing; and
propose new procedures to modernize equipment, facilities and systems.


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Prerequisite: Completed undergraduate study program (180 ECTS)
Candidates who are not formally employed and choose to study on a full-time basis (2 academic years) may be enrolled as full-time students subject to required ranking, whereas those applying for a part-time study program may choose between a full-time or part-time (4 academic years) schedule of courses.
The enrollment procedure is based on the undergraduate program grades, the result of the enrollment examination in electrical engineering, professional experience and knowledge of the profession.
Price per ECTS point for part-time students:

Price for legal entities 250 kuna/ECTS point
Self-funding students (natural persons) 250 kuna/ECTS point
Students who are not citizens of the EU or Croatian nationals 250 kuna/ECTS point

Konavoska 2, 10000 Zagreb
tel: + 385 (0)1 5595 318
e-mail: upisi-visagodina-dipl-elektrotehnika@tvz.hr

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