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After obtaining a Graduate Professional Study in Digital Economy, you will be able to autonomously solve business challenges in the development and deployment of smart technologies in the process of digital transformation of business, creation and implementation of digital marketing strategies to promote a business or product and design your own entrepreneurial projects and provide all resources for successful digital business.
The quality of this study program has been recognized by businesses, namely leading Croatian IT enterprises who have signed cooperation agreements with us and provide traineeships for Digital Economy students, directing them toward special knowledge and skill, and then help them find employment. 


The DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION MODULE provides all students with knowledge and skills in implementing digital business transformation processes, introducing innovation in digital business and developing revenue-generating elements, Big Data analysis, designing databases for the use of business management technology, implementing ICT resources in enterprises, dealing with enterprise system risks, and managing knowledge and intellectual capital in digital business.
The DIGITAL MARKETING MODULE provides all students with knowledge and skills indesigning promotional strategies for businesses on digital platforms, analysis of website content and statistical indicators of e-commerce turnover, planning and organizing special sales campaigns, organizing and controlling promotion enterprises or products/services, advertising, publicity and PR, as well as implementation of e-Purchasing in enterprises.
The DIGITAL ECONOMY ENTREPRENEURSHIP MODULE provides all students with knowledge and skills inintermediation in digital business and connecting clients and service providers, negotiating deals with prospective customers or suppliers, organizing and developing business operations of an entrepreneurial or innovation center or development agency, designing and managing own entrepreneurial projects and implementing smart specialization strategies in digital business.


• Graduate Professional Study in Digital Economy is a program of 2 academic years/4 semesters.
• On completion of this study program, the student will have earned 120 ECTS points and will be awarded the degree of a Master of Digital Economy (M.DE.).


This study program is designed to educate you to become a specialist in Digital Economy and allow you to use specific knowledge and skills to identify, formulate and resolve professional challenges in digital business transformation, digital marketing in enterprises and modern entrepreneurship.


moj tvz npp – Tehničko velečilište u Zagrebu

Price per ECTS point for part-time students:

Price for legal entities 250 kuna/ECTS bod
Self-funding students (natural persons) 250 kuna/ECTS bod
Students who are not citizens of the EU or Croatian nationals 250 kuna/ECTS bod

Vrbik 8 (prizemlje), 10000 Zagreb
e-mail: vmerlic@tvz.hr
telefon: 01/5603 947

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