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After obtaining a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, you will have been trained to design, build, test, manage and maintain machinery and plants. A Mechanical Engineer is able to identify technical and organizational issued in the manufacturing and exploitation of mechanical engineering product and propose ways to and actually rectify them. Thanks to the large scope of his/her thorough technical education, he/she is able to constantly keep up to date with the latest technical, technological and IT achievements, focused on lifelong learning.
In this Mechanical Engineering Professional Study Program we focus hands-on knowledge in mechanical engineering. We aim to teach our students about the actual operation of a technical system, as opposed to university programs teaching students why a technical system operates as it does.
Well-equipped computing and specialized laboratories featuring state-of-the-art equipment and software tools are available to our students in the course of their studies. This allows future Mechanical Engineers to acquire knowledge and skills that will make them competitive in the labor market. The practical part of the Mechanical Engineering program at ZUAS, involving experience engineers, will teach you how to perform your first engineering tasks and perhaps make some initial contacts that will help you find employment. In the final part of the program, students are encouraged to be creative and innovative using state-of-the-art equipment, components and technologies. The practical classes, term papers and the bachelor thesis are intended to include the knowledge and skills obtained in the course of the Mechanical Engineering studies and the bachelor theses is intended to result in a finished prototype of a functional component of or a full product.


The duration of the Undergraduate Professional Study in Mechanical Engineering is three (3) academic years over six (6) semesters. On completion of this study program, the student will have earned 180 ECTS points and will be awarded the degree of a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.


No further specialties are available in this program and students can choose among required elective courses.

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Mechanical Engineers have always been in great demand in the labor market – as such, you will easily find employment. You will have been trained for employment in manufacturing activities, organizations and public and private enterprises and business entities operating in industries such as the metal processing, process, pharmaceutical and food industries, power engineering, etc. Mechanical Engineers are capable of ensuring successful functioning and achievement of objectives of manufacturing processes, which includes onsite attending to technologies, equipment and products, form their formation to their recycling by destruction, reuse or recovery.


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Zagreb University of Applied Sciences enrolls full-time or part-time students in all its undergraduate professional studies exclusively through the National System for Enrollment in Higher Education Institutions. All information on enrollment conditions and quotas can be found at www.postani-student.hr.


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