Dear professors and Seeds Alumnis,

Hereby I am delighted to draw your attention to the Connect2Recover (C2R) Research Competition launched recently by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) with Huawei’s support. The C2R Research Competition offers 15 research grants at 42,000 USD each to eligible institutions and individual experts to develop actionable policy recommendations that can help fostering Digital Inclusion in the wake of the pandemic.

Leaving no one behind at a time when digital solutions are more important than ever is a major objective for Huawei and the motivation behind our participation in the ITU C2R program.

We hope this call for proposals aligns well with your research interests and please kindly share the information internally with your colleagues.  We sincerely look forward to receiving your research proposals to the C2R Research Competition before 31August 2021.

We remain at your disposal for any questions you might have about the competition, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you in advance!


Best regards,

Xiaoou WANG

Public Affairs and Communication Manager

Huawei Technologies d.o.o.

Address: Ivana Lučića 2a, 9th floor – 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Mob:    + 385 99 4727 819



Objavljeno: 24.8.2021.